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Why NPSP for Non-Profits?

Donation Payments With NPSP, there are two options for Donation Payments. The first option is NPSP Recurring Donations which are used by the nonprofits that use the cash method accounting. The second is called the NPSP Payments Package that is…

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Get Your Data Together: For Non-Profits

The solution that aligns and streamlines data management For Non-Profits, two important factors that contribute to their success are donors and volunteers. And they both are people. Without successfully understanding these people, a non-profit cannot succeed. Understanding people means knowing…

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Various Integrations of NPSP for Non-Profits

What is NPSP? The NPSP, Non-Profit-Success-Pack, is a a software platform from the The, an off-shoot of the for commercial businesses, focuses on nonprofit organizations, higher-education, and K12 education. The NPSP comes preconfigured tools for fundraising and constituent management. What…

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Is Salesforce FREE for Non-Profits?

Introduction Every non-profit need a Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system because it is vital to save money, stay connected to donors and volunteers, and raise funds while keeping the eyes on the 8-ball: The Cause of the Non-profit. At Apoorva, we…

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