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Envision is a Non-profit organization in Colorado, provides creative support for people with Developmental Disabilities.

Apoorva team has built the e-commerce site for the Envision team which helps to promote the artist’s work online!!!.


Envision’s team organized an event to create art by their constituents. Envision provides such creative support for the people with Developmental Disabilities. Karen (Farley) Wainscott from Envision approached Apoorva for “ideation” and “development” of their Art Store. Additionally, Envision needed this online-store to go live within three weeks.


Apoorva team worked with Envision team to understand the volume of the items, their categorization, payment gateway details, and the look-and-feel requirements. By pulling together quick resources from the Apoorva’s technologists pool, Apoorva worked in a close collaborative approach and created an eCommerce store within 10-business days. using the prices and images obtained from Karen (Farle) Wainscott.

The Art Store that we developed can be seen at: Please feel free to purchase these items and support Envision team.


The Art Store is developed on WordPress open source platform and utilized the WooCommerce components. From start to finish, Apoorva team has finished the work in less than 60-hours of effort while Envision team helped with the payment gateway setup, image categorization, etc.

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