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Our Services

Welcome to Apoorva. Technology changes your business in many ways. Apoorva focuses on Software Technology. Technology impacts your Customers, your Employee Operations, and your Sales & Profitability.

Our Partners

Strategic Partner

Odoo ERP Implementations

Apoorva is a Premier Odoo ERP Partner company implementing data-rich, enterprise-grade business applications. We positively change your business with our holistic approach and integrated solutions. By utilizing our other partnerships and our own software products, we bring a complete solution to your ERP implementation. Starting with Inventory Mangement system at its core, using Odoo, Apoorva deploys Point of Sale (POS), multi-store distribution, warehouse management , etc.

Strategic Partner
WP Engine

WordPress Hosting

WordPress, a free and open-source tool for Content Management System (CMS), is a tool for website development. Using WordPress, hosted by WPEngine which is one of Apoorva’s partners, Apoorva develops Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and site Migration. Our strength is in building complex eCommerce sites, integrating payment gateways, and synchronizing inventory from Great Plains, Odoo, Salesforce, and many more.


SQL Server Integration Services

By partnering with CozyRoc, Apoorva develops custom data integrations on your SQL Server database platforms. Apoorva has developed highly complex information highways integrating 30+ systems bi-directionally within a single client environment. By utilizing CozyRoc tools for more than seven years, Apoorva team has mastered data synchronization, sequencing the data updates, and managing programs to meet data-arrival times with scheduling hundreds of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Packages.


Scalable eCommerce Stores

Shopify is a great eCommerce platform because of its ease of use, scalability, and security. By partnering with system integrators like Apoorva, Shopify accommodates the development of Customization and data Integrations. Apoorva integrated with every Shopify APIs that is available to bring you the functionality-rich business systems. Utilizing our other partnerships we synchronize Odoo, WordPress, and Shopify to enable you with peace-of-mind technical environments built on transparent and simple architectures.

Why Do You Need Apoorva's Services?

For accelerating your Sales & Profitability, we implement systems that allow you to filter through leads, implement sales processes through funnels, and measure the outcome. These systems come under Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

To improve interactions with your Customers, Apoorva develops your Website and portals where your Customers can log in and work with you through self-service technologies. These come under Web Design and Application Development. To further, you may want to extend a Mobile Application to your Customers.

To improve your Employee Operations, Apoorva develops technologies that provide a niche for your organization. These come under Software Product development, whether you use it internally to improve your operations or if this Software Product becomes your offering to your Customers.

Start Transforming Your Business with Apoorva

You focus on growing your business in new ways.
Let Apoorva’s technology team build the IT ecosystem to support your business.

Our Technology Solutions that Transform Your Business

Building software for a long time, since 2001

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Our elated clients share their thoughts on choosing Apoorva to elevate their business. You can too!

Thank you so much, Apoorva for helping with the Salesforce contact list. We are Friends of Gueoul, a small non-profit in Englewood, Colorado. And, we are helping young girls receiving education in Senegal, West Africa. You have been tremendous help not only inputting our contact list but also our past donations, and helping us this year’s snail mail for the Colorado Gives Day. Thank you so much Nagesh and the team. You have been a tremendous help. And, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Elke McGuire

In my direct experience with Apoorva, I found them to excel in scoping, proposing solutions and most importantly executing high quality products. Working with them was a pleasure and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Keisha Gonzales

The APOORVA team has generously supported the development of our database, thus allowing us to focus on providing basic essentials to more Colorado kids in need.

Britta Robinson

Thank you so much to the team at Apoorva for your help getting our organization on Salesforce. EEqual is so excited to get to using the platform to connect better with our donors and help make our organization’s operations more efficient.

Matine Khalighi

We felt 100% supported throughout the process of implementing foundationConnect on Salesforce. It’s a lot to learn, no doubt. I do wish that Salesforce had more trail heads that were designed for the non sales environment. Our team gets hung up a bit on your naming conventions. Our implementation partner, Apoorva team, was awesome though.

Leslie Baldwin

As a small but growing nonprofit organization based in rural Colorado, the Colorado Farm & Food Alliance is very lucky to have connected with Apoorva and enable our move from a collection of spreadsheets to a full set-up on Salesforce. We had been contemplating–and frankly putting off–the work and Apoorva got it done.

Pete Kolbenschlag

Thank you so much (Apoorva team) for all the work you have done on getting this (Salesforce NSPS Gift Entry tool) right! In the end everything tied out with only two reports and all the information was on the reports! I did not have to go searching for any problems!! I have really been struggling with this program for the last two years and so appreciate that it appears to finally be working in my favor and making my life easier instead of pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!

Kim Fetty

For our next-generation data warehousing and reporting, APOORVA skillfully defined the business requirements, architected the schema, produced a mock-up, and sized and scoped the development project. Apoorva’s work was exceptional and well presented.

Mike Miracle

Just wanted to say thanks for your continued input and assistance over the last few weeks. I realize this is not something you need to do and I am sure you have other projects that you are involved in now. Your continued professionalism and support is outstanding and much appreciated. Happy Holidays to all of you and be safe if you are traveling.

Phil Gibson
Mike Cronley

I wanted to thank you (Apoorva) for everything you and your team, especially Pedro, did to fix our program. I am very excited about what was delivered. (We) can’t wait to really start our marketing and sales with our improved product. Thank you!!

Mike Cronley

The Apoorva team was very professional from the start to finish. The project plan {for implementing Benelinx on Salesforce} was very detailed and clearly defined on who was responsible for each piece of the process. All items for a successful go-live were completed on time and within the budget. We would highly recommend them to future prospective clients.

Chris Stultz

It has been my pleasure and honor to work with APOORVA for several years at Frontier Airlines. I have been continually impressed with their honesty and integrity. Not only is their Technology Architecture acumen to be admired, their holistic view of each project, to build the best solutions, is beyond compare.

Tricia Scheick

As an IT Executive and Chief Architect, Nagesh is well-regarded for his integrity and technical acumen. Nagesh’s ability to support dynamic business needs by removing technical roadblocks, providing technology guidance and expertise, while building trust and respect is highly valued. Nagesh is a consummate professional that continuously demonstrates the ability to lead strategically as well as tactically.

Keith Grassi

APOORVA has very strong technical knowledge as well as an ability to balance technology with good business judgment. The APOORVA team seeks to implement pragmatic solutions without over-engineering the solution. I’ve enjoyed working with Apoorva team and value their insight.

Brian Jore

APOORVA delivered a very rapid prototype of an automated testing application, and they employed some really great ideas we hadn’t considered. Thanks to the quick delivery of the product, the reasonable price, and the friendly team, we were very pleased with the end result.

Todd Gamber
Mike Cronley

Our Verticals

Apoorva has worked extensively on some of the following verticals. We continue to acquire knowledge in new verticals and hence not limited to just these verticals.

Insurance Underwriting & Claims

Apoorva develops Policy Administration Systems (PASs) for small carriers and MGAs. These PASs help with underwriting guidelines that fit your needs and integrate with Claims Management Systems of your choice.

Non Profit

Apoorva has worked with more than 50 non-profit organizations to develop reports and functionality by integrating with Bloomerang, Foundant, Salesforce, and BlackBaud.

Franchising & Multi-location Companies

Apoorva develops systems that fit with Franchising and multi-location Companies, including their Revenue Management, Auditing, and Digital Marketing. For some franchises, we also developed their core business platform that each franchisee uses daily for quoting, invoicing, and monthly revenue reporting, automatically integrated with each owner’s QuickBooks or NetSuite.

Startup Products

For your start-up company, whether it is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product or an innovative idea within your own industry, Apoorva helps with technology. In post-revenue situations, Apoorva works with you on a revenue-share model to grow along with you and continue to provide necessary technology for the revenue growth.

Our Products

Our elated clients share their thoughts on choosing Apoorva to elevate their business. You can too!

D9.Software Project Management Tool

D9.Software is our offering for Project and Task Management, a collaboration tool. Built on dynamic data model architecture, the software is flexible enough to add multi-layered tasks. We are priced by number of projects instead of number of users to maximize the collaboration per project. D9 comes with necessary tags for 9 phases within a Project: Discover, Define, Decide, Design, Develop, Demo, Debug, Document, and Deploy. Digital Marketing

FlexDrips combines the Digital Marketing with Customer Acquisition by using our demographic database of 200M profiles allowing you to perform customer segmentation and on-demand campaigns via Emails, SMS messages, physical mail. FlexDrips also allows transactional emails so that we can send appointment reminders, post appointment surveys by integrating with your business systems. Lifecycle Management offers a document repository, counterparties, multi-parties, eSignature, and Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM) for Small to Medium businesses (SMBs). Our feature-rich system is affordable to SMBs so that contracts are safe and organized on Amazon’s S3 bucket. For solo attorney organizations, all these rich features are extended to separate by client and include their legal counsel in the redlining process.

Self Storage

Our experience of developing Revenue Management, Auditing facilities, and Dashbaord Reporting has allowed us to structure an innovative auditing software for Self Storage facilities. Making this affordable for businesses with a handful of self-storage locations, our is developed on a robust technical architecture having integration capabilities with Property Management Systems such as SiteLink, Yardi, and Self Stroage Manager. CRM Hosting is our affordable and customized hosted environment for our growing clients who need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. By utilizing the open-source SuiteCRM software, we are able to provide you CRM system at a fixed-cost that includes hosting and maintenance. On our platform, you can add everyone because there is no per user license fee. Apoorva integrates SuiteCRM with your internal business systems. Connected Reporting

Our platform is a data integration tool on steroids with store-and-forward database architecture. We connect with standard platforms such as Odoo, Shopify, eBay, and WooCommerce on WordPress so that all you products, customers, orders, and inventory are synchronized in our database from where you get consolidated reporting and dashboards. Our APIs allow you to build new channels for sales.

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