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We turn your innovative Software Concept into a broad set of IDEAS. Some of these ideas will go into the design phase and some will end up on backlog. We vet your concept without judgement, let you venture beyond the obvious. Our structured SEVEN SMARTS™ process is guaranteed to give your idea a definitive shape and a form.

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We Program Your Ideas and Build the Software. Once a set of Ideas are formed, we go through 9-Phases of Development process using our signature D9-METHODOLOGY™. It gives you a prototype that you can touch and feel. We offer the DEVELOP service on a FIXED-FEE without cost overruns. We developed all ranges of Software, from $5K to $3M.

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We provide targeted marketing on social media, help you with the SEO Techniques. Many Software startups fail because they go through bad marketing or they go after a wrong market. We build a DIGITAL MARKETING STRATEGY that provides long-term benefits and the much needed focus.

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Nothing happens until someone sells your Software to someone. Our sales executives will reach to your carefully picked list of clients, make at least nine touch points with them, arrange demos of your software, and bring our technical teams experienced in implementing and training of your software.

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Friends of Gueoul, Senegal, West Africa

Salesforce NPSP Implementation - Testimonial

Thank you so much Apoorva for helping with the Salesforce contact list. We are Friends of Gueoul, a small non-profit in Englewood, Colorado. And, we are helping young girls receiving education in Senegal, West Africa. You have been tremendous help not only inputting our contact list but also our past donations, and helping us this year’s snail mail for the Colorado Gives Day. Thank you so much Nagesh and the team. You have been a tremendous help. And, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Elke McGuire, Executive Director
Friends of Gueoul



We implement and develop Third Party Administration software, Benefits Administration, Advocacy Portals, and other Health Insurance Technologies.


To streamline your sales, shipments, and B2B commerce, we build portals that automate every aspect of your manufacturing process.

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