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Why Apoorva for your Non-Profits?

  • Apoorva worked with more than 50 Non-Profits, from tiny one-person organizations to large in size with $300M+ in Endowments.
  • Apoorva understands the need for Donor Management systems and Volunteer Management systems. Apoorva integrated systems with Blackbaud, Bloomerang, Salesforce, and other non-profit systems.
  • Apoorva also understands that there are limited technologies that benefit  Beneficiaries, such as Mobile Apps for patients receiving healthcare or receipts of food that are being served by a non-profit
  • Apoorva hires Engineers who know software and data. We train our employees and have a 98% retention rate.
  • Apoorva is Cost-Effective with on-shore and off-shore resources.

Quick Contact

    Non-Profit related Technology Services by Apoorva

    Apoorva is a data-centric company. When it comes to implementing technologies for non-profits, we found that bad data is the key hindering factor, whether raising donations or reaching out to volunteers. Apoorva has been integrating data across the systems to keep the parts of the data in each system clean by working with the whole data that makes sense to the staff, Executive Director, and volunteers.

    Client Testimonials

    The United Nations Association is a small nonprofit, and we are so grateful for connecting with the people at Apoorva! They helped our team connect with the greater community by getting our website connected and online. Without a working website, our small nonprofit cannot connect to our volunteers, other UNA Chapters across the nation, and our footprint here in Colorado had been erased.

    APOORVA supported our work during a critical phase of our reporting requirements and data modeling. Their expertise & broad understanding of Enterprise I.T. Infrastructure and ITIL proved invaluable to our effort. I would work with Apoorva again any time.

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