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Technology will change your business

Apoorva will get you there, Cost effectively

Our Part-Payment, Part-Equity Model for StartUp Product Development

Apoorva developed Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for Part-Payment, Part-Equity for Startup companies to succeed.

Solutions for Software Startups

Unique Ideation Techniques

Apoorva understands the power of MVPs in the business cycle of a StartUp. Our unique IDEAtion techniques help bring out revenue-generating features.

Pricing Strategy

Apoorva helps startups with the Pricing strategy based on market research, customer segmentation, surplus, and optimal marginal revenue.

Marketing & SEO

Utilizing our partnership with Trilliant Digital, we help Startups with their Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to position along with the competition for market penetration.

SevenSmarts™ Program

Step1: Validate the Need

Step 2: Scope, Develop and Deploy the Technology Platform

Step 3: Pricing, Marketing, and Launching

Step 4: CTO Support

Step 6: Scale and Enhance

Step 6: Support and VC Preparation

Step 7: Apoorva Exits

Pricing Strategy

Many startups struggle with establishing the pricing for their technology platforms. Apoorva understands the marginal revenue for each version of your product, how to segment customers from freemium to premium products. As part of your partnership with Apoorva, we provide the necessary pricing strategy for your Technology product.

Fractional CTO Services

Having a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is important for a Startup to provide the necessary technical guidance at significant milestones and turning points of the Startup’s business cycle. Apoorva demonstrated many advantages such as cost avoidance, deferred capital investment, and parts of the valuation.

What are you waiting for? Let’s Get Started!!

Why Choose Apoorva for your Startup Technology Platform?

High Quality

Apoorva’s services for your organization start with requirements gathering to deliver High-Quality software and staffing services.

Cost Effective

By utilizing a combination of our own employees from On-Shore and Off-Shore, Apoorva provides Cost Effective software and staffing services.

Free Consultation

We gather requirements and provide a design using our Free Consultation prior to engaging in Apoorva’s software and staffing services.

Startup Clients

What are you waiting for? Let’s Get Started!!

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