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Integrating Donors, Volunteers, and Constituents of NonProfits

Apoorva has implemented many instances of automation for NonProfits to integrate Donors, Volunteers, and Constituents utilizing tools such as Salesforce, foundationConnect, and Foundant.

Automation Solutions for NonProfits

Donor Management

Apoorva manages your Donor lists, Payment gateways from websites, and marketing communications to empower your cause with donor profiles who have similar values.

Grant Management

Apoorva implements a Grant management system by integrating your past data and modern cloud-based technologies.

Case Management

Understanding the lifecycle of the beneficiaries is the least automated aspect of nonprofits. Apoorva reduces the cost and streamlines volunteer operations for consistent delivery.

NonProfit Automation with Salesforce

Salesforce has been offering Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) that kickstart the automation for NonProfits. By taking advantage of the Salesforce technologies, Apoorva has automated tens of nonprofits for transactions, schedules, and marketing communications.

Volunteer Portal

Volunteers are the core ingredients for the success and existence of many NonProfits. Apoorva team created portals where volunteers sign-up offering their in-person and remote services which are matched with the appropriate NonProfit.

HerculeZ Case Management System

Apoorva’s Case and Operations management is automated using our own Herculez platform for complex operations.

As the new beneficiary gets onboarded, the complexity involved to fill out the necessary paperwork, tasks to be completed, and events to be scheduled. HerculeZ documents vaults and case-related tasks with specific NonProfit employees or volunteers.

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Why Choose Apoorva for NonProfit Automation?

High Quality

Apoorva’s services for your organization start with requirements gathering to deliver High-Quality software and staffing services.

Cost Effective

By utilizing a combination of our own employees from On-Shore and Off-Shore, Apoorva provides Cost Effective software and staffing services.

Free Consultation

We gather requirements and provide a design using our Free Consultation prior to engaging in Apoorva’s software and staffing services.

NonProfit Clients

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