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Custom Software & Staffing Solutions for Insurance Brokers and Agencies

Apoorva has implemented Custom Software solutions for Insurance Brokerages and Insurance Underwriting companies. Apoorva staff is well-versed with the skills needed by a Producer and consists of a database of Producers for Temporary Staffing or Permanent Placing.

Solutions for Insurance Brokers and Agencies

Software Implementation

Apoorva implements industry-leading software available in the market by utilizing best practices.

Data Cleansing & Migration

Apoorva helps with cleaning the data available in your current system. If needed, migrate the cleansed data into the new software such as CRM for Agencies.

Insurance Agency Staffing

With our in-house team who understand the skills of a great Producer, we are able to match brokers that meet your needs on a temporary staffing basis or for permanent placement.

Agency CRM and Quoting Software

Apoorva implements industry-leading software for managing your leads, creating opportunities, uploading census information, and getting dynamic quotes from the free markets. When available with your underwriting partners, the Apoorva team integrates quotes, formats them in a presentable fashion from a choice of plans, and gets electronic signatures from employers and members.

Broker Portal

With many acquisitions in the Insurance Agency sector, finding the right Agent for your Agency or working for the right Agency has been a growing issue. To manage the right fit based on your values and preferences, whether it is compensation or culture, our Broker portal will help you navigate through this challenge.

Agency Staffing

Apoorva provides insurance talent on a temporary and placement basis to manage fluctuations of workload at your Agency. With the database of our producers, we are able to help present you with a list of producers that match your Agency’s culture and compensation structure. As your Agency faces backlogs, rapid growth, medical leaves, attrition, or you would like to start special projects, we are able to help you with the right talent.

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Why Choose Apoorva for Insurance Agency Solutions?

High Quality

Apoorva’s services for your organization start with requirements gathering to deliver High-Quality software and staffing services.

Cost Effective

By utilizing a combination of our own employees from On-Shore and Off-Shore, Apoorva provides Cost Effective software and staffing services.

Free Consultation

We gather requirements and provide a design using our Free Consultation prior to engaging in Apoorva’s software and staffing services.

HealthCare Clients

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