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Apoorva's Implementation Partners

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Salesforce is a global industry leader whose expertise in client relationship management is peerless.

Salesforce helps our clients with workflow automation and many compatible tools in marketplace.


DBSync is a complete on-demand integration and replication provider

Apoorva partnered with dbSync to integrate Salesforce with platforms such as Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Dynamics NAV. When our clients are already on Quickbooks, dbSync helped us to deploy Salesforce in a few days and connect sales and accounting divisions.


Zynbit makes using Salesforce effortless by transparently recording and tracking in the background.

Apoorva partnered with Zynbit to drive your sales with DATA. You will get more out of Salesforce when we integrate it with Zynbit. More actionable data comes from Zynbit transparently recording and tracking everything your sales team working on; in the background. This way, your team can focus on more important activities like attracting, delighting and retaining your customers.


Conga Solutions

Conga powers Digital Document Transformation on the Salesforce platform by automating and optimizing the process for contracts and documents (such as invoices and account reports), by simplifying user experiences, and by increasing productivity


TaskRay, an innovative customer

TaskRay, an innovative customer onboarding and project management solution, helps companies manage their onboarding and implementation processes, drive greater efficiencies, and create unmatched customer experiences—all within Salesforce.


Jitterbit helps businesses make faster, more effective decisions by enabling them to unify and exploit data from all sources.

Using the Jitterbit API integration platform Apoorva can rapidly connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications and instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process. Jitterbit’s intuitive API creation technology enables us to reuse your business-critical applications and data to bring new offerings to market in days, not months.


Forms, Documents, and Signatures. Everything you need to accelerate your digital work and create a productive workplace.

Formstack’s workplace productivity platform helps over 27,000 organizations digitize what matters, automate workflows, and fix processes—all without code. Apoorva can implement the digital transformation for your company using formstack on top of Salesforce and other platforms.

Snowflake The Cloud Data Platform

Snowflake Inc. is a cloud-based data-warehousing company

Snowflake allows us to host our clients’ Data Warehouses in the cloud for dynamic scalability. We build them in a dimensional model and refresh the cloud once every 24 hours or at higher frequencies as needed.


MarkLogic: Data Integration and Data Management Platform

MarkLogic helps our clients who need enterprise NoSQL database for the integration of disparate systems or with external vendors.


Matillion – ETL Software Built for Cloud Data Warehouses

Matillion’s cloud-native ELT solutions reorder this process, allowing you to orchestrate data transformation directly on the data warehouse. ELT leverages the full power of cloud data warehousing platforms to deliver the business intelligence insights you need.


COZYROC | SQL Server Integration Services

CozyRoc’s product provides comprehensive suite of 200+ components for developing rock solid ETL solutions with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services. CozyRoc helps Apoorva by making interfaces for popular software vendors. Apoorva helps CozyRoc by bringing customers that need industry-leading data integration solutions.


Looker is a business intelligence software and big data analytics platform

Looker is a complete data platform that offers data analytics and business insights to every department, and easily integrates into applications to deliver data directly into the decision-making process. When everyone in your company is looking at the same numbers, sharing the same truth, they’ll be able to collectively make smarter, more informed decisions. This is the core of our mission at Looker: to inspire everyone to embrace their curiosity, dig deeper and keep asking questions.


Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS

WordPress is a CMS used by more than 60 million websites. It is a platform upon which Apoorva builds several systems such as eCommerce functionality, payment processing systems, survey polls, and many more enterprise strength functionality.


Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, a WordPress Hosting, Perfected. WP Enginend CMS

Apoorva has partnered with WPEngine to equip our clients with a suit of performance, agility, and integration solutions. Apoorva brings the enterprise performance to WordPress using WPEngine platform.


CenturyLink: Home & Business Internet, Phone, and TV

CenturyLink provisions the necessary hardware to host our customers’ databases and applications. We create dev, test, and production environments using CenturyLink cloud products.

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