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Software Solutions for Franchise Operations

Apoorva has implemented Custom Revenue Management Systems, Estimating Systems, and Compliance Systems for Franchises with more than 700 Locations. Apoorva staff provides location-based support for guiding individual owners with implementing and using the software.

Solutions for Franchisees and Franchisors

CRM for Business Development

Apoorva understands the need for a well-oiled CRM system for Franchise Business Development which involves highly sophisticated leads and contacts.

Messaging Orchestration

Using the Maestro software system, we are able to orchestrate pre-event and post-event emails & SMS messages with individual franchise customers.

Data Uniformity

Apoorva develops databases with uniformity to reduce cost across franchise locations and deliver consistent customer satisfaction, including real0time feedbacks.

Franchise Revenue Management

At Apoorva, we understand how Franchisors maximize revenue and reduce costs by utilizing optimized pricing strategies. With our experience from various industries, including airline, self-storage, domestic services franchises, we are able to bring forward Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Revenue Management systems.

Franchise Operations Automation

As the new owners get onboarded, the complexity involved to start a location and getting all the necessary paperwork to be completed involves more than 150 tasks and 25 or more events that need to be executed in sequential order and involve many parties.

Our software orchestrates all these tasks for each location to the point of managing each owner’s tasks on a daily basis for successful deployment and operations there after.

Franchise Compliance & Governance

For each Franchise location to be compliant with the agreements and to help with safety regulations, local government statutes, and other governance items, our GoodFran software helps automate thousands of compliance-related items using document vaults, task reminders, and positive confirmations from the owners.

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Why Choose Apoorva for Franchises?

High Quality

Apoorva’s services for your organization start with requirements gathering to deliver High-Quality software and staffing services.

Cost Effective

By utilizing a combination of our own employees from On-Shore and Off-Shore, Apoorva provides Cost Effective software and staffing services.

Free Consultation

We gather requirements and provide a design using our Free Consultation prior to engaging in Apoorva’s software and staffing services.

Franchise Clients

What are you waiting for? Let’s Get Started!!

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