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Why for your CRM Software?

  • will host SuiteCRM, which is open-source software. This will be hosted for your entire company at a fixed fee on a dedicated server.
  • can scale as the number of employees grows.
  • Apoorva, a partner for, can implement any integrations that you need between your hosted SuiteCRM and external systems such as your accounting systems and inventory systems.
  • is Cost-Effective because it is not based on the number of users but based on the size of the server that we deploy for you.

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    Odoo Services offered by Apoorva

    Apoorva is a data-centric company. When it comes to implementing ERP systems, the data needs to be coordinated between several modules. Even though Odoo is very good at keeping it organized, we need to make sure the data imported by clients has the necessary integrity. Apoorva offers services to import existing data into Odoo ERP and implement features that play with the data.

    Client Testimonials

    The United Nations Association is a small nonprofit, and we are so grateful for connecting with the people at Apoorva! They helped our team connect with the greater community by getting our website connected and online. Without a working website, our small nonprofit cannot connect to our volunteers, other UNA Chapters across the nation, and our footprint here in Colorado had been erased.

    APOORVA supported our work during a critical phase of our reporting requirements and data modeling. Their expertise & broad understanding of Enterprise I.T. Infrastructure and ITIL proved invaluable to our effort. I would work with Apoorva again any time.

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