What is Custom Software Development?

Custom Software Development is the profession of building software with a functionality that is specific for an organization or a department. On the contrary, an “off-the-shelf” software is readily available for sale to the general public. But custom software development focuses on creating a software for a specific group of users, either by a third party on a contractual basis or by in-house developers for the organization.

This concept is alternatively known as Bespoke software, which means tailor-made. Since they are customized, this software is not sold in the tech market. By updating your apps and deleting old ones, you can save money on your tech budget and free it up for more creative purposes.

WHY your business needs Custom Software Development?

Every business has unique software needs because every successful business offers a unique value to their customers or clients. Ready-made off-the-shelf software might not automate an organization’s unique vision and processes. When a business can lure customers in the name of uniqueness, why can’t they make use of automating it for higher efficiencies and fewer mistakes? Developing custom software helps a business obtain momentum and decrease leakages. It can gain an edge over its competitors. A custom software accelerates a business process, leading a faster accomplishment of goals and a quicker revenue increase. Customization is of utmost importance for an organization to improve its productivity and cut down redundancy.

Benefits of using Custom Software Development:

  1. Efficiency: Since custom software is purpose-specific, it ensures a smooth progression of a business process. Employees need not adjust the existing off-the-shelf software to suit their needs.
  2. Scalability: With the growth of a business, various requirements grow as well. Developers can gather these requirements in an incremental fashion and create an application that suits to the maturing needs. This helps in dodging additional expense towards support or subscription of more and more piece-meal packaged software.
  3. Profitability: Custom software development might prove profitable to a company via increasing revenue and reducing cost. You can also generate additional revenue if you can license or sell to other organizations.
  4. Lower Integration and Customization Costs: One of the many drawbacks of buying commercial software is its integration with the existing business applications. The cost to customize such commercial software to fit a business’s needs can be astronomical. Custom software makes it easier to play well with the existing applications.
  5. Independence: When an organization doesn’t buy applications from a commercial software vendor, it saves huge amount of costs incurred, not only in the form of the software price but also the maintenance cost of the software in case of its discontinuity. Businesses do incur cost in maintaining software built by them. Therefore, deciding whether to build or buy software requires careful consideration.
  6. A path towards Acquisitions: By utilizing custom software, an organization can embrace other organizations and bring them on board as a means to adapt processes before the acquisition to ensure post-merger success.

Custom Software Development Process

The process of custom software development is similar to the process of any software development. Steps like requirement gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment find their use in both.

Some of the distinctive features employed by custom software development are:

  1. Application Customization: wherein the off-the-shelf software are modified to suit individual needs
  2. Application Modernization: aims at molding the custom software to the evolving market and user demands.
  3. Application Management: ensures that the software built is effective, by providing support to tasks like installation, updating, and service desk functions.

Apoorva has developed a proprietary D9 Methodology for developing custom software. Utilizing these nine steps, Apoorva has created several deliverables and streamlines its development processes. By working Apoorva to develop your custom software, you will be able to accurately predict the cost for such development and the timelines for the software deployment.

Custom Software Development Services:

Picking a company that provides custom software development services is an essential task. Businesses seek companies that promise high quality product and the right price. After assessing the requirements and specifications, the time required to complete the project is defined. Sometimes, the project might get extended beyond the defined timeline. Hence, while choosing a custom software development Services Company, money is not the only criteria.

Apoorva Corporation diligently works to create a profound user experience. Our company strives to provide the best in:

  • Support
  • Implementation
  • Optimization
  • Development
  • Consulting
  • Management

About Apoorva: 

Apoorva is a technology services company that assists software products with ideation, developing prototypes, programming, creating a digital marketing presence and accelerating sales through direct contact. Over 150 for-profit and non-profit organizations, such as Xcel Energy, PeopleCare Health Services, Frontier Airlines and Centers for Spiritual Living have trusted Apoorva to build software. 

Apoorva was founded in 2001, has more than 50 employees, and uses proprietary and proven methodologies to bring technology products to the market. Contact us / Visit apoorva.com for more information.