WHAT is a Mobile Strategy?

Mobile Strategy is about communicating with people and systems using mobile devices. But, WHY do you need a Mobile Strategy?

People spend more screen time on mobile devices compared to screen times on computers or TV screens. You want to grab some of that screen-time to profit, extend your cause, to play with your competitors, or just to become popular. Hence the need for a mobile strategy.

Then, WHO needs to develop the Mobile Strategy? In large enterprises, it will include Marketing, IT, and Operations because the Mobile Strategy may not be simply building a mobile app. In a small business, the CEO and a select group of business partners need a simple mobile app. Their clients or customers can use this app to browse, order, and track the status of their goods and services. Professional services companies like ours (Apoorva) will guide your teams to build this Mobile Strategy in a structured manner and within a fixed time frame for a fixed fee.

For some companies, their core “product” itself is a mobile app. For example, the gaming industry or apps that let you buy tickets for baseball.

Irrespective of WHY you need a Mobile Strategy or WHO needs to develop that strategy, the other aspect is HOW that Mobile Strategy gets implemented. Many businesses, including Apoorva, have developed mobile apps that use cloud technologies to make them scalable and adaptable.

In all our engagements, Apoorva focuses on creating Mobile Strategy before developing the mobile apps so that you and your team understand the WHAT, the WHY, and the WHO part before you embark on the journey with us on HOW we build your mobile app. Please feel to send us an email at webcontact@apoorva.com, or call us at 303-246-6641