Story of Apoorva

Founded by Nagesh and Anupama Anupindi in Denver (Colorado, USA), Apoorva is a technology business focused on mobile application development and custom software programming. We cater to businesses for streamlining their processes while we help start-ups in making their dreams come true. Our success comes from few factors that are important to us:
  • 2001

    Company Started & Twins are Born

    When the Secretary of State is not on the internet, Nagesh was running around the downtown Denver with attorneys and started Apoorva on June 13, 2001 while Anupama is going through labor delivering twin daughters, Kusala and Komala, on June 30, 2001.

  • 2009

    Start of Complete Outsourcing

    Apoorva has changed from focusing on Data Warehousing and Enterprise Architecture to a complete outsourcing of Application and Data Management Services company. As part of these efforts, Apoorva subcontracted with off-shore services company for cost-effective implementation, starting with Frontier Airlines account.

  • 2013

    Our Own Off-Shore Division

    Going from a subcontracted off-shore services in Hyderabad (India), Apoorva created its own off-shore office and employees in Bangalore (India). We are blessed with Bhavana joining our staff and kickstarting the Bangalore office and the team. 

how can we help you?

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Thank you so much (Apoorva team) for all the work you have done on getting this (Salesforce NSPS Gift Entry tool) right! In the end everything tied out with only two reports and all the information was on the reports! I did not have to go searching for any problems!! I have really been struggling with this program for the last two years and so appreciate that it appears to finally be working in my favor and making my life easier instead of pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you!

Kim Fetty
Accounting Specialist, Centers for Spiritual Living

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