Technology Assessments

Get feedback from our technically sound professionals on the new and emerging technologies.

Technology Assessments

When we need to take an overall perspective to create right set of solutions, we look at different aspects on how you enable your business with technologies. We then provide phased approach with series of small projects that give immediate business benefits.

Using our SevenSmarts™ Framework, and the software that automates the data collection, we quickly build Technology Strategies that are easy to understand and immediately actionable.

The following are a few technology assessment examples that allowed our clients to clearly see the path to technology advancement and innovation. As part of our assessments, Apoorva articulates clearly defined steps within this path. Estimated budgets and timelines for each step may also be provided.


Application Portfolio and Strategy

For system modernization mandated by a new breed of SaaS & mobile applications, this assessment helps with business & IT alignment, app consolidation, cloud enablement and cost reduction.

Data Platform Strategy

For providing a competitive edge to any business, correct analytics are now part of life. This strategy helps with BI maturity, a roadmap, tools assessment, listing of KPIs, and a list of important data sources.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Not all applications can be easily migrated to Cloud and not everyone is ready for it. This assessment evaluates critical applications in the context of integrations and infrastructure for cloud migration.