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Apoorva offers a one stop shop for all your data storage needs with its Snowflake Consulting Services.


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Snowflake is a Cloud-Data-Warehouse built only for the cloud, with architecture designed to scale for large amounts of data. Apoorva helps load it with data and deliver powerful analytics from Snowflake.

As any data warehouse gets ingested with fresh data at scheduled intervals, Snowflake accommodates with data ingestion in the cloud. Snowflake can intake both structured and semi-structured data. Examples of structured data include CSV files and database tables, whereas examples of semi-structured data include JSON and XML. Some of the NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and MarkLogic are also considered as semi-structured data.

With Snowflake Cloud data warehouse, Snowflake increases the computational power as needed, and expands storage as new data gets ingested. This is how the Snowflake’s instantaneous scalability make it advantageous over many on-premise data warehouse solutions. It allows the linear scaling to increase the performance as the need increases with an almost linear increase of the cost.

From the programming point of view, Snowflake cloud data warehouse accommodates necessary metadata automatically when combined with the use of appropriate Extract, Load, and Transform (ELT) tools. This happens simultaneously while users are querying the data, without causing any input/output contentions. With cloud offerings by many tools such as matillionAlteryx, and Talend, this can be accomplished with minimal costs because these cloud-based-ETL-tools are charged only for the time ELT process is executed. Apoorva schedules the automatic shutdown of these ETL servers to prevent idle-time charges.

When you are ready to look at the data in Snowflake or analyze it, several BI tools such as LookerPowerBI, and Tableau can be enabled by Apoorva utilizing their dashboarding capabilities. The traditional “slow reports” are history when viewing Snowflake Cloud data warehouse services using one of these BI tools because Snowflake has a powerful query processing platform.

Apoorva helps you with companies that function through data-driven decisions and Cloud data warehouse solutions and we are trusted Partner of Snowflake Consulting. Apoorva helps with Snowflake consulting, Snowflake programming, and Snowflake support by utilizing a combination of on-shore and off-shore teams for cost-effective implementation. Apoorva partners with you on your journey of digital transformation and helps you with succeeding in data-migration and data-warehouse-development. Our deployment of Snowflake data warehouse includes Snowflake-on-Azure as well as Snowflake-on-AWS.