Should I learn Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Why Should I learn Salesforce CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

In the past decade, CRM has emerged out to be a field in itself because of its umpteen benefits to small and medium scale businesses. Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are hugely popular among the many CRM tools prevalent in the market. Learning any of these two cloud-based platforms can surely help you gain a lucrative career. Salesforce, running slightly ahead with its popularity, can make you question which one of the two would make an ideal academic investment.

At this point, you might want to look into some pre-requisites, independent of the fact that none of these two CRM tools require any. If you are familiar with C and .NET and are comfortable with Microsoft applications, then learning Microsoft Dynamics CRM would be an easy task. Similarly, if you are into object-oriented languages, Salesforce will not seem alien to you. Also, Salesforce developers are required to learn and use Salesforce’s own programming language known as Apex, making Microsoft Dynamics a more flexible choice. Hence, you can make this decision based on your interests and your willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

In terms of feasibility, Salesforce enjoys a strong community of developers, who would be happy to chip in suggestions and solutions. This help is available just a “Google Search” away. Plenty of blogs and videos, offering solutions regarding coding will equip you to become an efficient Salesforce developer.

If the current CRM market share is to be believed, then these CRM tools are here to stay. Besides, the CRM platforms are believed to become simpler in the future, with simpler interfaces and easier usability, making Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other CRM tool to be on par with one another. In such a scenario, it might not matter much if you are extensively trained in any one particular tool.

Lastly, a very generic approach to answering the above question is to assess the job opportunities ahead of you, giving you an idea of what is in trend.