Looker Development Services

Get the best business insights and customized data delivery with Apoorva’s Looker BI

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An overview of Looker-the Business Intelligence Dashboard Tool:

Looker is a data platform, whose functions include business intelligence and much more. This BI software tool customizes data delivery to suit the requirements of all departments in an organization. It delivers data with excellent visualization features, that enable easy analysis and sharing, across various departments of a business. Looker seamlessly integrates into workflows and is compatible across all systems, and thus outperforms the traditional data dashboard. Data-driven businesses can hugely benefit from this business intelligence software.


    Apoorva partners with google cloud and Looker, offering the following services:

    Customer Data Analytics:

    Apoorva Corporation has vast experience in dealing with data. If you are looking to analyze your customer’s data to serve them better, we can help you do that efficiently, as we are partners with Looker. You can be assured of better performance and better results with Apoorva’s data analytics services.

    Business Intelligence:

    Our data specialists transform even complex data into information that is comprehensible by every department in your business. We ensure to extract the maximum value out of your data. Being partners with the Looker data platform has helped us to enhance our already efficient skills of data analysis and business intelligence.

    Data Delivery:

    At Apoorva, we offer customized data delivery via the Looker. With the help of Looker business intelligence software, we schedule data deliveries as per your requirements and customize it to the needs of every department in your business.

    Embedded Analysis of Data:

    The Looker business intelligence software tool provides your organization with the relevant information and analytical tools so that you can work more efficiently with your business process applications. Apoorva aids in using this feature appropriately, thus promoting growth and learning.

    WHAT are the Benefits of Looker?

    • Offers accurate and real-time insights
    • Seamless integration with various data warehouses via SQL, paving way for import and export of data
    • Does not require much coding
    • Easily accessible across all browsers and devices
    • Sharing of data, reports, and URLs is extremely feasible, as they can be exchanged through emails.
    • Pricing can be customized according to your requirements. No fixed prices are involved.

    Choose Apoorva for your Data Analysis and Business Intelligence needs:

    Apoorva Corporation is a partner with Looker. We look forward to serving data-centric companies by interpreting relevant data into certain feedback that gives an overview of the company’s performance. The data interpreted is also aimed at exploring any future opportunities the business can delve into.
    Handling a vast amount of data can seem like an overwhelming task. With Apoorva’s data analysis services, you can relax, as we will deal with all your data needs. We help you to focus on other core tasks, by taking care of your data storage, analysis, interpretation and transformation to valuable opportunities.