IDEATE: Get a Shape to your Dreams


The process of taking your Innovative idea and making a pragmatic software from it is both a science and an art. We have dissected the process into Seven steps to explore the “science” part of it; we called it SevenSmarts™ and trademarked it. Following Seven steps help you understand our process. On the other hand, the “art” part of it is something that you have to see from the delightful experience with us.


We start with why do you think the software is needed by your clients.


Whether it is a problem you are solving or making someone’s life easier, it starts with a concern.


Getting into details, we give your idea a form to what your clients would need in your software.


Whether it is experience from your previous job, or extending your business, your skills and assets give the color to your software.


Till you came along, your clients have been living without your software. How? What choice do they have? We test you a little bit here.


We now look at the positive side of your software and go through feature-benefit analysis.


Are you ready to build the software? Are your clients ready to buy it? Do you have means to penetrate the market? We help you think through this hard step, unemotionally and without judgement.