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Apoorva is one of the top rated Salesforce Consultants developing clean data as an asset, Develops and supports the complex WordPress websites and systems, builds Mobile Applications for iOS & Android, develops Custom Software including Web Apps, and implements Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse.Apoorva has established partnerships with Snowflake, Panoply, MarkLogic, Looker, SiSense / PeriscopeData, Matillion ETL Tool, Salesforce, Conga, TaskRay, foundationConnect, dbSync, CozyRoc, WPEngine & CenturyLink.Apoorva is proficient with Tableau Reporting tool development, API development & systems development integrating with firmware / embedded systems.Apoorva helps building software platforms & mobile apps for startups.



We gather high-level software requirements.


We produce mockups for your software or mobile app.


You will get to make a final decision on cost, features, and benefits.


We start the technical architecture, frameworks, and data models.


Our developers jump on it full-force to get you a working software.


We go through at least three demos of the software before you start testing.


And of course, we are all chasing for those bugs and fixing them.


We want you to understand what we built and have good artifacts to show.


We “install” the final product in the cloud or in your own network.


Increase your business value with enhanced application development services

Mobile App Development

Innovative & high-quality mobile-based applications gather a strong customer base.

Web Design and Development

Powerful dashboards help you overcome data visualization challenges.

Dashboard & Analytics

Powerful dashboards help you overcome data visualization challenges.

Cloud Data Warehousing

Cloud data warehouses transform your data in terms of speed, reliability, security, and ease of use.

Techonology Assessments

Apt technology assessments help to avoid under-delivering and over-spending.

CRM Implementation

Design and implement CRM strategies to serve customers better.