Cloud Data Services

Apoorva provides cloud data services, delivering our clients a seamless data transition to the cloud.

What is Cloud Data Warehouse?

Cloud data warehouse originates from the concept of the data warehouse but hosted in the cloud. In a data warehouse, integrated data from multiple systems that are presented as reports and analytics often help businesses in making their important decisions. Data warehouses are optimized so that they can store lots of information. The information stored is sourced from a combination of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, accounting systems, product sales systems, etc. Data warehouses offer data in an easily understandable structure (aka schema) to help the end-users analyze and interpret accordingly.

Data warehouses were initially built to store large volumes of data. The data stored was directly related to its computing. Hence, data warehouse services proved to be inefficient, cost-wise, as some data were required to be stored only for the short term. This scenario led to the invent of cloud data warehousing.

Cloud data warehouse is storing data using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet. With a huge increase in data over the past decades, cloud data warehouse serves as a more efficient and cost-effective manner for data storage, performance, simplicity and much more. When compared to traditional data warehousing, features that stand-out for cloud data warehousing are scalability, cost, time to market, and performance.

Apoorva's Cloud Data Warehouse Services

Cloud data Implementation

Moving your applications and data to the cloud can be a tedious task. But with the right service provider, you can achieve a smooth transition to the cloud. Apoorva Corporation excels in setting up your systems in the cloud as well as building a data warehouse in the cloud. We provide the end-to-end assistance in implementing the Snowflake cloud data warehouse, or data warehouses on top of other platforms such as RedShift, BigQuery, and Azure’s SQ Server.

Data optimization & Management:

Apoorva is a trusted partner of Snowflake. Hence, we help you in the optimal utilization of your data leading to your company’s growth. Data management can be stressful for businesses, having to juggle around with other important core tasks. Apoorva takes care of your data management activities, allowing you to focus on other major business processes.

Development Of data:

To serve its customers better, a business needs tons of data that is relevant to client requirements, customer preferences, market trends, and so on. This establishment of data is possible through data warehouse services. With the increasing popularity of cloud computing, organizations prefer to shift their data-related activities to the cloud. Apoorva does the same for your business. With the help of cloud-based services like Salesforce, Snowflake, and QuickBooks, we fetch you the relevant data to sustain and grow in today’s competitive business market.

Data Migration:

Apoorva ensures a secure transition of your data to the cloud. With the use of Snowflake, we make the data migration process simpler, which otherwise is a tedious process via the traditional ETL approach. Our team of experts will assist you throughout the process of transition, all the while maintaining data integrity.

BENEFITS of using Apoorva's Cloud Data Warehouse Services

  • Rapid Elasticity: Cloud data-warehouses such as Snowflake and RedShift are extremely flexible. They allow you to concise or stretch your data accordingly. By shrinking data in size, one can save money. At the same time, database capacity can be increased without wasting time.
  • Broad Network Access: Businesses are provided with access to a variety of network tools, via cloud data warehousing. Access to high-bandwidth and low-latency networks is a given when we use a cloud data warehouse.
  • Speed: Cloud data warehouse is more efficient when it comes to speed, compared to a traditional data warehouse. It processes data like transactions much faster with customer records, CRM, ERP, and human resource data. Since cloud servers are present in multiple locations, they perform better without latency delays. Additionally, Apoorva like companies can develop applications faster using a cloud data warehouse.
  • On-Demand storage: Cloud data warehousing offers a “pay as you go” feature. This attribute allows you to pay only for the amount of storage you need. With future increases or decreases in storage, the cost also changes respectively.
  • Scalability: Cloud data warehouse works out to be cheaper to scale data. As a business grows, so does its data volume. Scaling data up or down is one of the primary advantages of cloud data warehousing.
  • Fault Tolerance: This is a feature in cloud data warehousing that describes its resilience towards errors in the form of network latency, human mistakes, software/hardware issues, etc. In the case of data center failure, applications are run by cloud, with the help of databases spread across multiple devices. This way, productivity is not compromised. Also, business intelligence (BI) reports remain intact.

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse Services

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehouse. This Software as a service (SAAS) offering involves no hardware or software, thus making it a customer-friendly product. Snowflake cloud data warehouse has a combinational architecture of traditional shared-disk database and shared-nothing database. Data can be securely exchanged and shared using this cloud data warehouse. Apoorva Corporation is a Snowflake Consulting Partner, that helps its clients make maximum utilization of this implementation. Apoorva also helps in unlocking the full potential of Snowflake, ensuring the best data warehousing experience to its clients.

Google BigQuery Cloud data warehouse Services

Google BigQuery is a cloud-based web service that is used to process “big data”. It uses the Google cloud infrastructure to analyze your data. BigQuery makes big data processing more accessible with reduced costs. You can feed data in batches of billions, as it is capable of processing an innumerable amount of data. This Software-as-a-service (SaaS) does not require a server to function and hence reduces downtime. It is highly scalable. BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse that enables super-fast SQL queries to process humongous data. Apoorva is a BigQuery consulting partner that offers excellent data warehouse services.

Amazon Redshift Cloud Data Warehouse Services

Amazon Redshift is the Part of AWS(Amazon web service) data warehouse service in Cloud. It is a petabyte-scale data warehouse service that helps to store and Analyze a large amount of data to petabyte scale. Amazon Redshift data warehouse service works with an amazon web server(AWS) to increase the company’s Business Intelligence. Apoorva gives you best Amazon Redshift data warehouse service Platform which helps your business grow your Business.