MAINTAIN: Implement, Train, and Support

Target Lists:

Using your industry, we work with you to create a target list that help us go after your prospects with laser focus.

Understand Buyer:

We work with you to create a campaign cheat-sheet to understand the buyer and how your software fits their needs and budget.

Know the Product & Promotions:

Knowing the details of your software is the key for our sales executives to accurately present it to your prospects. We work with you to discover these details from your literature, heart, and mind.

Offensive Strategy:

By showing your experience, where you excel over your competition, and listing your testimonials, we create offensive strategy.

Defensive Strategy:

By preparing with the objections that we may face during the sales, creating battle cards against competition and establishing key differentiators, we create the defensive strategy for selling your software.


Our team is prepared for responding to many situations. This happens because we write scripts for responding to emails, LinkedIn introductions, SMS texts, etc.

Brochures and Blogs:

Selling in this day and age begins with your prospect knowing you before you ever get into touch with them through blog posts, etc. Once they reach us, we need to be ready with brochures with different details.