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Implement Salesforce NPSP​

Salesforce nonprofit success pack Implementation
  • Apoorva acquires the 10 FREE licenses for a non-profit organization by submitting your 501(c)(3) certificate to Salesforce
  • Apoorva loads all your spreadsheets of data by connecting, de-duplicating, scrubbing and cleaning the data
  • Apoorva adds additional fields and objects to your Salesforce to accommodate and store data that is unique to your nonprofit
  • Apoorva integrates your MailChimp or Constant Contact data with your Salesforce NPSP for automated data synchronizations
  • Apoorva imports your existing donor information and donation data into the Salesforce and connects it with fundraising software such as Blackbaud, Bloomerang, DonorPerfect, NeonCRM, and Kindful
  • Apoorva creates custom reporting inside Salesforce by using your data from GrantMaking systems such as Foundation and foundationConnect

Build Your Cause on Salesforce

Build your cause on Saleforce | Salesforce Implementation Partner
  • Apoorva documents requirements and develops the Process Flows inside the Salesforce
  • Apoorva develops Managed Applications that automate your cause
  • Apoorva connects Salesforce with other systems that have your cause-related information
  • Apoorva supports the Managed Apps that we developed and monitors for data integrity
  • Apoorva makes the enhancements to your Salesforce system as your cause evolves
  • Apoorva enables cause-related reporting for better management by numbers
Build your cause on Saleforce | Salesforce Implementation Partner

Lets Get Started

Migrate to Salesforce

Migrate to Salesforce | Salesforce for nonprofits
  • Apoorva gets your outdated and stale systems decommissioned after extracting all the data through many channels
  • Apoorva builds data integrity from the disconnected records in your current database or spreadsheets
  • Apoorva helps you expand your functionality by adding appropriate functionality that is readily available on AppExchange
  • Apoorva converts your historical information into a Salesforce friendly format
  • Apoorva rebuilds some of the screens from your old system to minimize the user training or to smoothen the transition
  • Apoorva provides a Subject Matter Expert who will understand both your new and old systems for continued support and enhancements

Integrate with Salesforce

Salesforce integration Services
  • Apoorva imitates best practices from the old system by rebuilding them into your new Salesforce systems
  • Apoorva creates a seamless integration of the processes from the new Salesforce system to your existing systems such as Accounting and Payroll
  • Apoorva works with third-party APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) even when there are no direct Salesforce integrations from the third-party
  • Apoorva synchronizes data between systems using Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) programs that synchronize Salesforce with a direct database connection to external systems
  • Apoorva builds, for larger customers, a data-hub Middleware to get analytical data from the Salesforce and build unified data models for ad-hoc reporting using tools such as PowerBI and Tableau
  • Apoorva integrates analytics within the Salesforce by using Einstein and external data
Salesforce integration Services


Salesforce for nonprofits
Matine Khalighi
Founder & Executive Director, EEqual

Thank you so much to the team at Apoorva for your help getting our organization on Salesforce. EEqual is so excited to get to using the platform to connect better with our donors and help make our organization’s operations more efficient.

salesforce implementation services
Elke McGuire
Executive Director, Friends of Gueoul

Thank you so much Apoorva for helping with the Salesforce contact list. We are Friends of Gueoul, a small non-profit in Englewood, Colorado. And, we are helping young girls receiving education in Senegal, West Africa. You have been tremendous help not only inputting our contact list but also our past donations, and helping us this year’s snail mail for the Colorado Gives Day. Thank you so much Nagesh and the team. You have been a tremendous help. And, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Salesforce consulting Provider
Britta Robinson
Executive Director, A Precious Child

The APOORVA team has generously supported the development of our database, thus allowing us to focus on providing basic essentials to more Colorado kids in need.

Our Partners is designed to be a Native Application to Salesforce platform. It is an All-in-the-Cloud Technology; meaning, no software to be installed on your laptop. You can install our from AppExchange into your Salesforce account.

With much data being stored in your Salesforce account, our programs utilize components of Artificial Intelligence algorithms that make recommendations and bring forward patterns for your review. This helps you to make informed decisions with little boost of intelligence from our AI-enabled Salesforce App.

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