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The Top Salesforce & its influence o businesses:

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that connects a company to its prospects and customers. All departments like marketing, sales, commerce, and service can get a shared view of its prospects and customers on top of this integrated CRM platform.

With the customer’s data available on one platform, it is easier to analyze and interpret this information to attain optimal functioning of the business. Salesforce can further be customized to the different needs of each department, thus reducing the burden on the overall company’s management team. Apoorva Corporation is a top Salesforce consulting services company in USA, that helps you in the successful implementation of the Salesforce CRM platform.

WHAT are the benefits of Salesforce?

Some of the major benefits of Salesforce services include:

  • Accessibility: As Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM, it is easily accessible provided there is an internet connection. The fact that it is cloud-based also rules out any requirements for a filing cabinet or a local server. Organizations can obtain up-to-date information, wherever they are operating from.
  • Time management: Having your customers’ information at your disposal, your company can better manage time. The time saved in the collection and integration of customer data on the Salesforce platform can be utilized for other core tasks.
  • Account Planning: With customer data conveniently available at your fingertips, you can schedule events accordingly with the help of organizational tools offered by the Salesforce services. Your staff can also identify the amount of time spent on each customer. This will help them to review their customer services approach accordingly.
  • Customer Information: You can analyze and interpret your customer’s information in Salesforce with ease. This analysis will give you a clarity of your customer’s expectations and requirements, thus allowing you to serve them better.
  • Team Collaboration: Salesforce consulting services allows your team to communicate better with one another via the “Chatter” feature. You can add members to accounts so that everybody gets a shared view of a customer’s account. This leads to increased productivity.

Apoorva specializes in the following:

At Apoorva, you will find a dedicated team of employees who will provide your business with end-to-end assistance in the Salesforce consulting services. Apoorva is a leading Salesforce consulting partner with many years of experience in delivering customer-centric solutions
Salesforce Implementation:

Successful implementation is an inherent part of any software installation; and right data make it successful. Our Salesforce consulting services ensure careful assessment, setup, deployment, and testing to provide you a profound experience of the Salesforce CRM platform, including data duplication and data migration services.

Salesforce Customization:
Apart from the standard Salesforce configuration, – Apoorva configures unique functionalities that customize your Salesforce platform that matches to the niche areas of your business within the marketplace. We will deliver Salesforce solutions that suit your business requirements as are top Salesforce Consulting Company. customer-centric solutions
Salesforce App Development:

App building is now faster with Salesforce’s Customer 360 platform. Increase your ROI by building Apps on Salesforce by utilizing Apoorva’s Salesforce App Development services.

What do we do?

Salesforce Implementation Services

Successful implementation is an inherent part of any software installation. Apoorva is a Salesforce implementation partner that provides quality service, aiding your business in realizing its full potential.The 5 steps to the successful implementation of the Salesforce service cloud include:

  • Plan & Prepare:  This step involves identifying the company’s vision and goals, and also assesses the resources and tools so that you are prepared and no time is wasted in backtracking. Firstly, organize your team and make sure it includes an executive sponsor, system administrators, project manager, and trainers. Assess your data and choose an implementation approach. The “Waterfall” method and the “Scrum” methods are widely used in the implementation of Salesforce cloud services. Set a project timeline so that the implementation is completed within a definitive frame of time.
  • Setup & Customize: Once your requirements are defined, you have understood your data, and chosen an implementation method, you are ready to set up the Salesforce CRM. It is best to define customization early in the process. A suggested approach for setting up a Salesforce CRM involves the following steps:
    Defining Security Settings: You can start by mapping the appropriate roles to all users who will be added to the system. Make sure all the fields are in the right order, and the users can view, create, and edit the information, as required.
    Customizing the application: This step involves the creation of custom fields, custom tabs, custom objects, page layouts, and other application customizations based on the requirements of each business.
    Creation Of Reports: You can start by creating standard reports and can customize it as and when required
  • Drive adoption: User adoption involves encouraging your users to get on board. Usage of reports and dashboards to track user logins will help in measuring the progress and obtain feedback.
  • Deploy Salesforce CRM:
    As the time for deployment draws nearer, outline a plan as to how and when the users will be trained and supported. It is important to complete the following tasks ahead of the Salesforce deployment:
    Addition of users: You can load users either manually or with the help of data loader functionality. Make sure to load all users before loading the production data. It is advisable to load all data and users in a Sandbox environment, before loading the final set of data into the production environment.
  • Continuous improvement: Once the Salesforce CRM is live, you can start planning on adding new functionality to add value to your service. Release management should come into effect immediately after the initial deployment so that the users are assured that their queries will be addressed. By opting for services from a Salesforce implementation partner like Apoorva, you can achieve your customer-related objectives faster.

Salesforce Optimization Services

Once Salesforce cloud services are implemented, they can be optimally utilized using the following methodologies:

  • Salesforce Integration: Data integration in Salesforce implementation gives you a unified view of your customers. Connecting internal databases can help you make better use of data. Integrating Salesforce CRM with existing business applications can accelerate its functionality, thus improving a company’s performance in terms of operational value, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Salesforce Lightning: The Salesforce Lightning is a platform that offers robust features to optimize your Salesforce CRM implementation. Some of the prominent features include a visually upgraded homepage, instant calendar module, performance chart, and organized lead flow visuals, that help you amplify your sales. Your company’s sales representatives can create tasks, events, log calls, send emails, and track activities in one place.
  • Salesforce Visualforce: The Salesforce Visualforce is composed of a tag-based markup language, similar to HTML. It can be used by developers to customize the CRM interface and build applications. Further, it offers certain styling elements that help in obtaining a rich and animated user interface. The Visualforce is capable of integrating with other web-based user interface technologies like JavaScript and Flash. Make sure to entrust Salesforce visualforce to experienced developers, for its optimal utilization.
  • Salesforce AppExchange: AppExchange is a marketplace for cloud-based services like Salesforce. It also offers components like Lightning data and Bolt solutions that enhance Salesforce cloud services. Your ideas can be brought to life with consulting services available on the AppExchange. Apoorva Corporation is one such Salesforce consulting partner that helps its clients in implementing the Salesforce CRM and provides constant maintenance and support.

Salesforce Optimization Services

Companies spend a lot of time and energy in hunting down a talented and efficient Salesforce developer. Someone good at coding makes for a good developer. A developer who encompasses the below roles makes for a tremendous Salesforce developer.

  • Understanding Customer Requirements
  • Offering Salesforce solutions
  • Taking care of integration
  • Testing and deployment

Salesforce Data Migration

Clean data aids in revenue boosts for an organization. So the first step in the process of data migration to Salesforce is to clean up your data and restructure it well in advance. Data migration is time-consuming. Also, ensure that the data is accurate to the maximum. Modify objects and data fields to suit data accommodation in Salesforce. Lastly, testing should be done multiple times to avoid any errors that might creep up at the last minute.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce marketing cloud is a CRM platform that marketers use to create and share campaigns with their customers.
The Salesforce marketing cloud offers integrated solutions for its customers. It uses components like predictive analysis, journey builder, and event-driven triggers to provide the customers with the optimum services that aid in the company’s marketing.

Why choose Apoorva as your Salesforce Consulting Partner?

Apoorva is a Salesforce Partner specializing in Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) to guide them through the proper utilization of technology for their organizational success. Apoorva uses proven repeatable frameworks and partner tools to implement Salesforce services that custom fit your needs. Our Salesforce consulting services start with a FREE assessment of your current technology and build the roadmap before we start implementing solutions (schedule a free technology assessment here). Additionally, Apoorva is a highly cost-effective Salesforce implementation partner because of a balanced combination of on-shore and off-shore employees.

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