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Apoorva Offers the following Mobile App Development Services

Productivity Apps

In today’s age of hectic lifestyle and heavy workloads, productivity apps have been a huge success, as they help individuals save time and prioritize tasks. These apps are of immense help to corporate professionals who struggle to juggle between numerous appointments, meetings, and deadlines. Developers at Apoorva Corporation are skilled in creating highly efficient productivity apps.

E-commerce Apps

We build customer-centric e-commerce apps. The user interface is designed in a way that navigation is easy for the consumer. At Apoorva, we understand how important customers are to the business, and we want you to retain your customers by helping you provide them a great online shopping experience. AngularJS and IONIC framework are few of the technologies that we use to provide mobile app development services.

Business Apps

Running a business is made much simpler with the invent of business Apps. Be it your company’s accounts, marketing campaigns, or customer data, you can extract data securely through these Apps. Also, you can get a good overview of which aspect of your business needs attention. Apoorva’s mobile app development services offer to create many such Apps for your business that can be accessed across various devices.

Games & multimedia Apps

Developers at Apoorva Corporation have delivered various web applications and systems that involve graphics and animation. They are highly qualified and experienced to handle work that requires creativity and top-notch quality. Our staff along with our offshore team in India, have a remarkable record of delivering phenomenal Apps.

Apoorva offers Mobile App Development Services using following Technologies

Apoorva creates innovative and dynamic applications for Android devices. With the use of cutting edge technologies, our team delivers the best Android apps. Hence, our creativity is one of a kind, found on the apps in Google Play. Our developers are specialized in creating unique and innovative interfaces. We deliver a robust and user-centric android application.

Our team of developers has tremendous experience in developing applications for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. We can create customized apps for these devices, and deliver great user-experience. For instance, Apoorva makes the best use of the iPad features like the pop-over interface elements, in order to build truly unique and creative iPad apps.

Apoorva's App Development Services Methodology

  • Identifying an Idea/Problem: An application that can resolve a specific problem has more chances of success than an application with a vague goal. Hence the first step involves identifying the problem and creating appropriate application features to solve this problem. We achieve this after many brainstorming sessions with our clients.
  • Designing the Application: This is a very important aspect of mobile application development, as it leaves an impact on the consumers based on its user-friendliness. The user interface that we design focuses on your end-users.
  • Decide an Approach for the Application Development: There are three approaches to developing an application. Apoorva decides on an approach after detailed discussions with its clients. We get to know our clients’ requirements and then finalize the appropriate approach.
  • Native: Native applications offer the best user experience, as they are platform-specific. But they require a high level of expertise and knowledge and are also time-consuming.
  • Web: Web applications are convenient and cost-effective to develop. They are created using HTML, JavaScript code and CSS. But they are less effective and not as user-friendly as Native applications.
  • Hybrid: This latest approach involves a combination of pre-built native containers and “on the go” web coding, to achieve the best results.
  • Developing A Prototype: Once we finish developing an application with basic functionality, it becomes easier to find investors, as your product is now more marketable and not just a mere imagination or description. Also, while working on a prototype, we secure your application against unauthorized data access.
  • Incorporation of Analytical Tools: This step helps us to get a detailed account of the number of customers visiting your website. Few mobile analytics like Flurry, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc., help us to estimate the number of visitors flocking your site.
  • Beta Testing: We do thorough market research to understand who your target audience is. After an initial Alpha testing with in-house members, we develop the look and feel of the application, which will be similar to that of the final product. This application is further tested with a large number of the target audience, in a real-time scenario. This stage provides an opportunity to obtain feedback and also detect bugs if any. Based on this feedback, the application is prepared for the product launch.
  • Deployment of the Application: A scheduled deployment of the application ensures the release of correct components and also the protection of the integrity of the live environment, where the release will be tested.
  • Capturing the Statistics: Tapping of factors like demography, time age group, behavior, etc., helps us to capture details about your customers. This information can further be used to customize and upgrade your application to the customer’s generic preferences.

Why Mobile Applications are popular globally?

There are many Mobile App development companies across the globe nowadays; the majority of them in the USA. Apoorva Corporation is one such Mobile App development company, located in Colorado, USA. Apoorva offers end-to-end process in a mobile application development lifecycle, taking care of your application creation from its idea-to-launch. At Apoorva, we start with knowing customers’ requirements and customizing an application to fit their evolving audience. We ensure a smooth transition of the App, right from its discovery to deployment.

The invent of websites served as advertisements or brand enhancers for a product. With the emerge of smartphones, websites and later, Mobile Apps proved to be dynamic and increasingly customer-friendly, especially in areas of eCommerce.

The mobile front-end applications were able to update their user interfaces and content via integration with the back-end services. Their instant ability to upgrade made applications convenient and time-saving. Businesses required mobile app development services to establish an interactive application that induced growth and profit.



Timely delivery is a key attribute that Apoorva strives to fulfill. Our dedicated professionals believe in adding value to the time spent on delivering a project. At no cost do we compromise on quality. Our software developers work diligently to complete a project on time, all the while monitoring the quality.

Apoorva Corporation strongly believes in the saying “Customer is the King”. We have successfully served over 100 clients on our journey so far. We take our client’s requirements and challenges as an opportunity to learn and look forward to making lasting bonds with them.

The name Apoorva, in Sanskrit means unique and unprecedented. True to its name, Apoorva Corporation aims at offering software development services through a unique approach, that is client-oriented and quality conscious. Our perception of clients as our biggest assets is what makes us stand out from our competitors.

The workforce at Apoorva, which we fondly address as the “Apoorva Family” is the single driving force that works towards fulfilling the company’s vision. We believe that a happy workforce leads to a happier client. The biggest proof of our contented staff lies in our attrition rate being as low as 5%.

Apoorva Corporation values integrity more than anything else. We believe in doing good work, thus building our network through honesty and a straightforward attitude. We value our word when it comes to agreements and contracts, ensuring our clients the expected security.

The name Apoorva, in Sanskrit means unique and unprecedented. True to its name, Apoorva Corporation aims at offering software development services through a unique approach, that is client-oriented and quality conscious. Our perception of clients as our biggest assets is what makes us stand out from our competitors.