Apoorva’s Board of Directors

Master K. Parvathi Kumar(Chairman & Board of Director)

Lead like a Lion, with stability and dignity, protecting the group. Fear and suspicion are the keynotes in businesses while fearlessness and normal temperament are part of the spiritual field. Be willing to face a problem instead of passing the buck.

Joe Kramer(Board of Director)

Joe is a veteran in building businesses and running them. He is an engineer responsible for modeling, designs, testing, and consulting for RF systems. Has experience with oversight and project management for larger customer projects.

charlene zahn (Advisory Board of Director)

Charlene has been a business owner helping many people in Colorado with wealth management. She is a certified financial planner and has been with Apoorva since the first day of our business in 2001. She is a great advocate for our employees and drives our company towards value-based products and services. She is a believer of great value brings good wealth (instead of the other way).

Anupama Anupindi(Founder & CEO)

Anupama is a results-driven finance executive with 17+ years of experience driving growth and bottom-line profit. She is a graduate of CA Institute, India.

Nagesh V. Anupindi (Founder & CTO)

Giving is neither a task nor a life's goal. Everything in nature gives, Regularly. Make your wealth flow like a freshwater stream.

Umesh Ganti(Managing director)

Managing director, Apoorva Bangalore is known for his innate ability to lead the team from the Front.

Sundar Ram Anupindi (Chief Delivery Officer)

SundarRam has been Technology Leader in Denver area for the past 10 years working with companies such as StrataVia and HP. His expertise is in client management, delivering on the promise, and hands-on as-needed technical development to save-the-day.