Client Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for your continued input and assistance over the last few weeks. I realize this is not something you need to do and I am sure you have other projects that you are involved in now. Your continued professionalism and support is outstanding and much appreciated. Happy Holidays to all of you and be safe if you are traveling.
Phil Gibson
CEO, CatylystONE
For our next generation data warehousing and reporting, APOORVA skillfully defined the business requirements, architected the schema, produced a mock-up, and sized and scoped the development project. Apoorva’s work was exceptional and well presented.
Mike Miracle
EVP, Marketing and Product Management, Evident Software
In my direct experience with Apoorva, I found them to excel in scoping, proposing solutions and most importantly executing high quality products. Working with them was a pleasure and I look forward to working with them in the future.
Keisha Gonzales
Manager, Commercial Technologies, Frontier Airlines
It has been my pleasure and honor to work with APOORVA for several years at Frontier Airlines. I have been continually impressed with their honesty and integrity. Not only is their Technology Architecture acumen to be admired, their holistic view of each project, to build the best solutions, is beyond compare.
Tricia Scheick
Manager, Quality Assurance, Frontier Airlines
I wanted to thank you (Apoorva) for everything you and your team, especially Pedro, did to fix our program. I am very excited about what was delivered. (We) can’t wait to really start our marketing and sales with our improved product. Thank you!!
Mike Cronley
Founder, Class Composer
The APOORVA team has generously supported the development of our database, thus allowing us to focus on providing basic essentials to more Colorado kids in need.
Britta Robinson
Executive Director, A Precious Child
In working with the team at APOORVA as a Quality Assurance Test Analyst with Frontier Airlines, I found that all processes of a new project from taking business requirements, to the transition to their Development team and then onto QA, to be not only seamless but effortless as well. The technical know-how and professionalism that the Apoorva team brought to the table was invaluable in navigating the FlyFrontier.com transformation project. If asked to work with the team at Apoorva again, I would not hesitate to say yes.
Krista McClure
Program / Partner Coordinator, Frontier Airlines
As an IT Executive and Chief Architect, Nagesh is well-regarded for his integrity and technical acumen. Nagesh’s ability to support dynamic business needs by removing technical roadblocks, providing technology guidance and expertise, while building trust and respect is highly valued. Nagesh is a consummate professional that continuously demonstrates the ability to lead strategically as well as tactically.
Mike Miracle
Vice President, Digital Product Management, GE Power
APOORVA has very strong technical knowledge as well as an ability to balance technology with good business judgment. The APOORVA team seeks to implement pragmatic solutions without over-engineering the solution. I’ve enjoyed working with Apoorva team and value their insight.
Brian Jore
Partner, Business Consulting TeraData
APOORVA immediately grasped what we were missing with our current {computer} systems and provided smart, applicable designs to bring EOC to the next level. This is a huge savings of time and resources.
Heather Parish
Director of Programs, Energy Outreach Colorado
I have had the pleasure of working alongside APOORVA for the past 3 years and they have a dedicated, honest, and hard working individuals who seem to never sleep. They were instrumental in establishing a Business Intelligence (BI) practice at our company and led the charge in transforming our environment with Enterprise Architecture (EA). Under Nagesh’s Leadership, we accomplished several key milestones, while still maintaining a safe balance with change and environmental integrity. Keep it coming APOORVA!
Joseph Thevarajah
Managing Director, Solutions Delivery, Republic Airways Holdings, Inc.
APOORVA delivered a very rapid prototype of an automated testing application, and they employed some really great ideas we hadn’t considered. Thanks the quick delivery of the product, the reasonable price, and the friendly team, we were very pleased with the end result.
Joseph Thevarajah
Manager, Confidence Interval
APOORVA supported our work during a critical phase of our reporting requirements and data modeling. Their expertise & broad understanding of Enterprise I.T. Infrastructure and ITIL proved invaluable to our effort. I would work with Apoorva again any time.
Thomas Stroffolino
Vice President Product Management and Marketing, Infrastructure Solutions Inc.
Apoorva is looked to as the subject matter expert for all Data/Enterprise Architecture related strategy and requirements. Apoorva team has an exceptional ability to view things from both a very high level, as well as from a granular perspective. They do this all while retaining and adding value to the business concept, providing clear, concise, and consistent guidance beginning at the C-level and further down into the organization. In concert with his technical/business acumen, Apoorva team’s positive “can-do” attitude makes them a pleasure to work with, and an invaluable addition to any team or project.
Corey Hill
Business Intelligence Developer, Xcel Energy