About Apoorva

Journey of Apoorva

Founded by Nagesh and Anupama Anupindi in Denver (Colorado, USA), Apoorva is a technology business focused on mobile application development and custom software programming. We cater to businesses for streamlining their processes while we help start-ups in making their dreams come true. 

When we started Apoorva in 2001, our focus was on developing Data Warehouses, building Reports, and then few Analytics. We were writing lots of reports for our clients (sometimes in Crystal Reports and other times in Business Objects) because we had no ad-hoc reporting tools back then.

When we combined data from multiple sources into a clean data set, employees of our clients started trusting the data we created; more than the systems where they came from. However, to fix data from sources that had bad data, our clients have asked us to repair web applications that have been producing this bad. Sometimes we had to rebuild the web application from ground up.

So, we started the custom software development. With our strong foundation in data, we couldn’t do it less than perfect. We have been putting clean data structures under-the-hood that are flexible and easy to understand. We even eliminated the traditional “lag” between source systems and data warehouses by building web applications on top of dimensional data model.

For larger companies, we occassionally examine existing systems (code audit), see how they fit in the bigger picture (Enterprise Architecture) to determine the blueprints of IT assets (Technology assessments) for improving data adoption and making digital transformation.

  • We employ high IQ teams using mandatory testing process
  • Everyone who works in our offices is our own employee
  • We have less than 5% attrition rate
  • We live by our promises – our word is more important to us than the fee we receive
  • We only work with clients who are respectable individuals and who manage respectable businesses

WHY Apoorva exists?

Small & Medium Businesses rarely get Technology Guidance for organizational success and growth. We exist to fill this gap, offer highly objective points of view on your technology, make your business integrate with your partners, and provide you the peace of mind.

HOW Apoorva Executes?

We use our own frameworks, proven repeatable methods, and partner tools to implement technology solutions that custom fit your needs: whether you want to improve operational efficiencies, empower your team with analytics, multiply your business, or get ready to sell it.

WHAT does Apoorva do?

We assess your technology, build Technology Strategies, Manage Data and build Analytics, Engineer your Software including Salesforce implementations, Use off-shore teams for cost-effective development, and Support your software. Mostly, we are Guardians of your Technologies.