Boettcher Foundation’s $1M COVID Biomedical Research Innovation Fund processed on Salesforce platform, implemented by Apoorva

In May 2020, Boettcher Foundation announced nearly $1 Million in COVID Grants for Innovative Research in the Biomedical sector to fight COVID-19 and potential future pandemics.

To process the applications received from these prospective grantees, Boettcher Foundation reached back to Apoorva for automating the evaluation process. Using the Salesforce platform that has already been implemented by Apoorva for their Grant Making with foundationConnect, Apoorva team has implemented the necessary technology. Several of Colorado’s top research hospitals and universities, including a number of collaborative partnerships have been represented for grantees who are leading existing biomedical research efforts around COVID-19, with a collective emphasis on risk factors, treatment, testing, and vaccines.

Within a month, the Apoorva-implemented Salesforce application has processed over 120 grant applications that were submitted in the 10-day time frame. This system has enabled the selection process for the most promising organizations to grant funds to, and got the money out the door.

“As a group, the six projects are innovative in how they are researching multiple facets of COVID-19 and its impacts on Coloradans,We are proud to support these efforts at a time when biomedical research is a public health priority for response, treatment, and future pandemic prevention.”

Katie Kramer, President & CEO,

The following researchers submitted the winning proposals:

“This was unprecedented for our Foundation to turn around a rapid response RFP using external reviewers while relying entirely on technology. The Salesforce platform gave us the capability to build a customized application {developed by Apoorva} efficiently manage the volume of proposals we received.”

Curtis Esquibel, Director of Communications and Community Engagement.

Apoorva’s implementation for selecting these elite researchers included organizing the data, combining it with an already existing benchmark data, preparing the necessary data visualization techniques for quick decision-making, and supporting in a timely manner for the rapid response back to the grantees. This implementation has been recognized by Salesforce as “10 Innovative Nonprofits Using Technology to Build Resilience Through Crisis.”

About the Boettcher Foundation:
Boettcher Foundation believes in the promise of Colorado and the potential of Coloradans. Every day Boettcher Foundation champion excellence across our state by investing in most talented citizens and high-potential organizations, because supporting their hard work and leadership will enable them to give back for years to come.