Why Salesforce Is The Best CRM Software

What is Salesforce?

The concept of data storage and organizing the data dates back to the beginning of human civilization. The process became easier with the invent of computers. But, with the rise in population and hence the rise in data, data availability became a complex challenge. The invent of cloud computing proved to be a boon in tackling this challenge. Among the many cloud-based services that have emerged in the past decade, Salesforce has managed to stand out as one of the top cloud-based solutions.

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that bridges the gap between a company and its customers. All departments like marketing, sales, commerce, and service can get a shared view of its customers through this integrated CRM platform.

With the customer’s data available on one platform, it is easier to analyze and interpret this information for better functioning of the business. Salesforce can further be customized to the different needs of each company, thus lessening the burden on corporate professionals.

Why Salesforce Is The Best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

Salesforce has time and again proved to be more efficient than the traditional CRM software, in terms of cost, usability and easy access. Before Salesforce came into the picture, companies had to set up CRM solutions in their own server, which proved to be very expensive. With its plug-in feature, Salesforce enables customization. Its 50$ subscription per month makes it cost-effective. It is also hassle-free as it does not involve the installation of hardware and software. Its ability to integrate with other applications is one of its stand-out features.

Salesforce consulting services are agents who can help companies to utilize their salesforce implementation to the maximum. Salesforce cloud computing services range from sales, marketing, community, commerce, analytics, health to application development. This cloud-based software can consolidate customer data for analysis.

Businesses usually partner with one of the salesforce consulting services to accelerate their performance and to develop a better relationship with their customers. Almost all industries benefit from Salesforce cloud computing services. Finance, Telecom, health care, media, and retail are only a few industries to name.

A brief description of some salesforce cloud computing services will give a better idea of what salesforce does:

Sales Cloud

This service is best suited for companies dealing with business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C). The service helps in improving sales, obtaining leads (prospective buyers) and also the conversion of leads, thus closing more deals.

Marketing Cloud

Digital marketing couldn’t have been made more effective, thanks to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Marketing professionals can tap potential customers by personalizing marketing campaigns.

Community Cloud

Employees and customers can communicate on a social platform using this service.

Analytics Cloud

Large data can create havoc for corporate professionals. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps in systematically analyzing this data by helping to create pictorial representation.

Commerce Cloud

Customer data integration helps in giving an utmost comfortable experience to customers irrespective of their mode of purchase. Eg: Online shopping


This unique feature by Salesforce is meant for the morale boost of the employees by helping them connect, communicate and share knowledge on the business collaboration platform.

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