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Why NPSP for Non-Profits?

Donation Payments

With NPSP, there are two options for Donation Payments. The first option is NPSP Recurring Donations which are used by the nonprofits that use the cash method accounting. The second is called the NPSP Payments Package that is designed for nonprofits using accrual accounting. Additionally, NPSP provides options for recording the pledges, whether it is a one-time or recurring promised donations.


With extensive features that exist in the NPSP, your nonprofit can access a full snapshot of every constituent and donor. With various types of donations, you can track all of them at one place. These types include simple donation, grant, in-kind donation, major gift, matching donation, membership, tribute, etc. Using the built-in engagement tools, you can develop personalize your engagement, create repeatable plans to engage prospects, or create your own customized experience with your constituents.

To understand how your fund-raising is going, you have more than 60 out of the box reports and dashboards that shows the impact of your nonprofit.

Grant Lifecycles

If you are a foundation that give grants to other nonprofits, NPSP gives a simple way to track, manage and deliver funding programs. You grantees can easily find and apply for
grants through an additional grantee portal, engage directly with you and share outcomes. There are also additional and more complex grantee software available that works directly on top of the NSPS such as foundationConnect. Apoorva has experience implementing such complex grant making and grantee portal software. With the right technology, you can spend less time on tedious processes that bog you down and more time driving your philanthropic mission.

Track Relationships

Even though the commercial version of the Salesforce is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the NPSP is also a CRM for nonprofits except the “C” stands for Constituents. With relationships between a nonprofit constituents being the core value of the NPSP, tracking the relationship between people and organizations, and the different roles people play within and outside the organizations. Such data management helps you understand the individuals that you are engaging, and that you want to engage.

One of the advantages of NPSP is its House Account Model of managing Contacts and Accounts. This model helps you to have family members be grouped and “housed” under an “account” called Household Account. This will be similar to a staff member of your contact that you work with at an organization that makes a donation to your nonprofit. Drawing such parallels between Organizations and Household Accounts help you track donations and other campaign interactions from families and companies alike.

Training Resources

Once the NPSP is setup for a non-profit by Apoorva, any minor enhancements and simple administration tasks can be performed easily made by the staff or interns at the Non-Profit organizations. The Salesforce’s Trailhead is the fun way to learn about NPSP. You can utilize the Trailhead to even become a Salesforce developer and perform many of tasks that Apoorva’s development team does. You can get started with the beginner trails like Exploring the NPSP or Administering NPSP.


Many non-profit organizations that collaborate in order to help each other. This community, called The Power of Hub, is an online community where you can ask questions, answer a question, collaborate, share resources, access documentation on the NPSP. We strongly recommend you to join the Hub by clicking here.

App Exchange

Once you have the NPSP setup by Apoorva, we can extend its functionality across dozens of categories with over 4,000 read-to-install solutions with 6 million installs. For example, if you are using MailChimp as your email marketing tools for donation campaigns, you can connect the NPSP platform that Apoorva team has setup by using the the MailChimp’s AppExchange install here. Even though the MailChimp can be installed easily by your nonprofit’s staff or interns, for larger programs such as Quickbooks integration, our Apoorva team’s help may be needed. We have done many such complex integrations that can extend your functionality to synchronize the data between your external systems and the Salesforce’s NPSP.

If you have questions about how to get NPSP for your non-profit, please let us know by sending an email to or calling (303) 246-6641.

About Apoorva

Apoorva is a technology services company that assists software products with ideation, developing prototypes, programming, creating a digital marketing presence and accelerating sales through direct contact. Over 150 for-profit and non-profit organizations, such as Xcel Energy, PeopleCare Health Services, Frontier Airlines and Centers for Spiritual Living have trusted Apoorva to build software. Apoorva was founded in 2001, has more than 35 employees, and uses proprietary and proven methodologies to bring technology products to the market. Visit for more information.


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