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Nonprofit Data Management

Get Your Data Together: For Non-Profits

The solution that aligns and streamlines data management

For Non-Profits, two important factors that contribute to their success are donors and volunteers. And they both are people.

Without successfully understanding these people, a non-profit cannot succeed. Understanding people means knowing about them. And the knowledge’s primary ingredient is the DATA. A few decades ago, this was managed through a good set of Rolodex cards. In modern times, it is replaced by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

There are many non-profit CRM software available in the market; some of them come with a good set of bells-and-whistles and the others provide only the core functionality, and some are free for life. Irrespective of nature, non-profit data management should be the key functionality of the software that any non-profit chooses.

Non-Profit Client Management Software

Even though Donors and Volunteers contribute to the success of the non-profit, the “cause” is the main reason a non-profit exists. Every non-profit has a “cause” and there are beneficiaries. Some focus on birds, others focus on humans and their needs, and some focus on keeping the parks and trees intact. In all these cases, the beneficiaries are horses, humans, parks, or trees. In general, we call them “clients.” Keeping data together about these clients requires a good nonprofit client management software.

Business Side of Non-Profits

Once we start managing the constituent data (donors, volunteers, and clients), we need to take care of the business side of the non-profit. This includes donations, accounting, compliance, payroll, payment processing, marketing campaigns, website analytics, and many more. Even the best CRM for non-profit organizations will not have all such functionality at one place in a single box. An organization typically creates its own recipe for non-profit business solutions by putting together multiple software platforms available to them in the marketplace.

Getting Your Data Together

With the basic CRM as the foundation, and other business-related software as ancillaries, we found that every non-profit lacks the actual integration between these software platforms, and data flow between them in a timely manner. With Salesforce being one of the best CRM for non-profit organizations, it accommodates the data management processes for nonprofits using the marketplace called AppExchange. You can get your data together into one place by using programmers such as Apoorva who can help you with the integration components available in such marketplaces. On the other hand, integrating these Salesforce type of solutions with business solutions such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, or QuickBooks can happen through a third non-profit management software platforms such as and NewOrg. They will have readily available integrations with business solutions and hence deploying Salesforce type CRM software with QuickBooks type business solutions will be quick and seamless.

In conclusion, we recommend you to take a good look at your existing data islands, create a vision on how your data has to come together, utilize software platforms that support automating data management processes for non-profits, and Get Your Data Together.

About Apoorva

Apoorva is a technology services company that assists software products with ideation, developing prototypes, programming, creating a digital marketing presence and accelerating sales through direct contact. Over 150 for-profit and non-profit organizations, such as Xcel Energy, PeopleCare Health Services, Frontier Airlines and Centers for Spiritual Living have trusted Apoorva to build software. Apoorva was founded in 2001, has more than 35 employees, and uses proprietary and proven methodologies to bring technology products to the market. Visit for more information.

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