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About ekLogic

Enterprise Strength

ekLogic provides enterprise-level Test Data Management (TDM) that is easy to understand by non-technicians and powerful enough to configure based on your needs. Your team can create your own masking algorithms with a few clicks for sensitive information such as SSNs, Credit Cards, Email Addresses and Names.

Sensitive Data Protection

By keeping your company’s values and business policies in mind, our ekLogic team built a no-touch architecture, guaranteeing you that your sensitive information never leaves your database and never travels over any wire – internal or external. Additionally, we require that ekLogic software works only with read-only production databases to ensure that data is never altered by ekLogic.

Automated Scheduling

ekLogic saves your SQL Server DBAs’ time with the automated scheduling feature. Traditional test environments are created only once a week due to the busy schedules of DBAs. With ekLogic’s scheduling features, test environments can be refreshed every night to make it available for Dev and QA teams on a daily basis.

Why ekLogic

ekLogic Features

SaaS Enabled

ekLogic is available in two offerings: (a) As an in-house hosting with perpetual license with or without maintenance that may appeal to our enterprise customers, or (b) As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with pay-as-you-go model that may appeal to our SMB App Dev teams. Both offerings provide the guaranteed no-touch mechanism for sensitive production databases.

Sensitive Data Masking

ekLogic masks or alters sensitive data using prebuilt algorithms. These algorithms exist for common sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and Credit Card information. Additionally, these algorithms can be re-configured to meet your needs using multiple options for each masking type.

Pre-Built Data Protection

With ekLogic’s unique technology architecture, the sensitive data is protected by writing programs that never see the original sensitive data.
To further protect, ekLogic’s programs dynamically generate programs and delete them in order to hide the logic underneath the masking algorithms from the most sophisticated and malicious insiders.

Data Subset and Scheduling

Without copying the entire production database, ekLogic allows you to use only a subset for the purpose of testing your new software. The current version supports selection subset of tables instead of all the tables within the database. Additionally, the data is written in a consistent randomized fashion to keep the integrity between the data elements across the database.


ekLogic provides the necessary reporting features that help DBAs and QA teams intuitively understand the set of successful data migrations at the project level, sizes of each database migration, and the number of data rows that have been migrated from the source to the target. Additional reporting features are being added, as requested by current clients.

SQL Server Support

ekLogic supports Microsoft’s SQL Server database as both source and target databases. Taking advantage of the built-in features of SQL Server, ekLogic programs are optimized to utilize the data privileges that ensure the protection of the data. ekLogic has been tested on multiple database versions starting from SQL Server 2005 to 2014. Support for other databases such as MarkLogic is currently being developed.